Who We Are

Cultivating hope for a sustainable future.


To provide a pathway for rural coffee communities living in extreme poverty to significantly improve their health and wellbeing for generations to come.


We work together with vulnerable coffee farming families to equip them with the skills and tools to empower them to alleviate the negative effects of poverty and improve the health and growth of their communities.

What We Do:

When families thrive, their communities thrive. Together, we can change our world.

Our team at TerraMica works to ensure that we are meeting the needs and improving health, economic and social outcomes for rural coffee farming families living in extreme poverty. We do this by equipping them with tools to build more productive and effective methods to sustainably meet their own needs for generations to come.

Our work empowers individuals to make better choices and engage in actions that positively impact their well-being and quality of life, leading to sustainable change for themselves, their families, their communities and their nation. We respect and value the God-given dignity of every person we work with.

Through TerraMica's "My Healthy Home" and "My Healthy Community" programs, we work to increase education, improve family relationships and develop healthier practices and home environments:

  • When family members are healthier, they can improve their productivity and financial position through farming and entrepreneurial enterprises.
  • When family relationships are improved, it creates a nurturing environment for all members of the household to thrive.
  • When families have hope that they can improve their quality of life, they make choices that lead to better health, economic and social outcomes.
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Why TerraMica?

There is a lot of rhetoric out there about helping the poor and making a difference. So where does TerraMica fit into all of this?

To us, social justice means making a tangible difference in the lives of the poorest families. We don't just talk about changing lives we research, implement and measure effective strategies to achieve our aims for healthier, more productive people, stronger homes and thriving families.

Our work starts with surveying participating families and communities about their needs, before creating an effective training program to help rebuild their homes to meet health and safety standards. We continue to support our families by measuring impact and the changes required for ongoing effectiveness.

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Hear from the Families We Support:

" I have changed a lot ... We are not living like we lived before. "

How Can i Get Involved?

Join us in changing the world, one family and community at a time.

Partner with TerraMica to provide training and home improvements to rural farming families living far below the poverty line. Our proven methods and tailored programs improve the financial ability, social relationships and home environments of our participating families, leading to improved health, health, faith, hope and changed lives.

You can impact the lives of families in need.

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