TerraMicas My Healthy Home curriculum is focused on creating sustainable behavioral change.

We focus on change that honors the Godgiven dignity of all people and equips them with tools for better physical and mental health, relationships, agency and empowerment, and cultivates hope. It is based on the concept of Biblical Shalom, or peace, in each of these areas:






As peace is developed in relationship with God, it moves outward to peace with self, family, community, & environment, creating balance & leading to improved decisionmaking processes.

When families complete our training course in certain countries, we work with partners to install healthy infrastructure in their family home to create a healthier, more supportive living environment for the whole household. This includes water storage and purification, latrine, cement floors, rainproof roofs, and solid walls. For more details about our work through our My Healthy Home and My Healthy Community programs, click here: Learn More

God – given dignity