TerraMica is a nonprofit social impact organization working to alleviate the impact of poverty on smallholder coffeegrowing families and communities.

Our highly effective My Healthy Home and My Healthy Community programs provide a pathway to better physical, mental, and wellbeing, bringing health, hope, and dignity to rural communities living in extreme poverty.

About terramica

TerraMica is dedicated to promoting tangible, measurable, sustainable outcomes. Our training teams are from the local communities we serve, to not only create jobs but to ensure our work honors the region and its culture.

Our holistic training promotes lasting positive change in physical health and wellbeing, healthy relationships, spiritual rejuvenation, and individual choice to create a better future. We also often work with partner organizations to improve infrastructure for a healthier home environment.

We believe in collaborating with community leadership and government to honor the culture and Godgiven dignity of every individual we help.

Together we can make the world a better place. We welcome you to partner with us to impact lives for good!

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Cultivating hope for a sustainable future.