Increase the effectiveness and reach of your global outreach/missions program by teaming up with TerraMica!

As believers, we are called to be good stewards of our resources, so we understand that it is imperative that missions funds invested are effective in touching lives, helping the poor, and pointing souls toward a redeeming relationship with Christ. Partnering with TerraMica to accomplish these goals expands the reach and impact of your church body.

Teaming up with TerraMica

TerraMicas work results in tangible, measurable impact in the lives of impoverished families, as our program alleviates the drastic impact of poverty on farming families, stabilizes the family unit, and cultivates hope in the future through tools learned in training and through a saving relationship with God.

Our training curriculum is based on scriptural truths that focus on changing generational behaviors regarding physical and emotional health as well as improved relational dynamics in the individual and the family based on a Biblical understanding of God, self, and others. Foundational to our training curriculum is our focus on Biblical Shalom.

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Here are few ways that your church can partner with TerraMica:

  • Become a financial partner by committing a portion of your missions/outreach budget to TerraMica
  • Encourage your church to become prayer partners with us
  • Develop a program for small groups to adopt families and/or communities for financial and prayer support
  • Arrange a vision trip for staff or key leaders to visit regions were working in to gain greater insight into the need of these communities and how were impacting lives
  • Invite TerraMica to give a brief presentation to your church body, and encourage involvement and support
  • Develop your own unique program of support and partnership for TerraMica‘s work
Partner With TerraMica