TerraMica was born out of a desire to help people, cultivate hope, and change lives, one family and community at a time.

Where It Started:

It all started with coffee. Cofounder Ed Apffels grandfather sold green coffee beans in San Francisco back in 1912, building a thriving coffee roasting business in Los Angeles, still owned and operated by Eds family to this very day.

Ed grew up playing among the coffee sacks, inhaling the scent of fresh beans. It was only natural that he entered the coffee industry straight out of college, first in his familys business and then with international companies.

coffee farmers

In 1992, Ed was working with an organization caring for children of coffee farmers who suffered from terminal cancer.

The experience opened his eyes to the plight of the small plot coffee farmers who typically survive on less than USD $100 per month.

He carried that passion in his heart and in 2015, he and his wife, Pam, decided to make a major life change. They closed down their management consulting business and started TerraMica to serve impoverished coffee farming families.

Believing that God had provided them an opportunity to honor Him by serving the poor, Ed and Pam worked tirelessly on a strategy to alleviate the devastating impact of poverty in order to improve physical and mental wellbeing, stabilize the family unit, cultivate hope, and create a better future. Ed and Pam have brought decades worth of business expertise to solving the poverty problem through charitable service work.

As the saying goes, If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

A key tenet of TerraMica is to provide the tools for people to become selfsufficient and better themselves for generations to come.

Ed and Pam
tools for people

TerraMicas focus was initially on providing latrines and water storage and filtration tanks in Honduras, then expanded into a more holistic approach to building a healthy home: cement floors, roofs, solid walls, water and sanitation.

Soon after, Ed and Pam launched the My Healthy Home program in 2019 to address issues that truly impact lives within families and their wider communities: dignity, hope, spiritual renewal, family relationships, and healthy habits. The curriculum is based on the concept of Biblical shalom and is taught by local team members and partners within the same community as our families.

Believing that sustainable change is effected through education, TerraMica focuses on building a training curriculum that is hyperlocalized to the specific needs of each community and culture we work within. We also team up with partner organizations, local authorities, and governments to maximize our impact in order to keep supporting individuals, families, and communities globally for generations to come.


What does the name mean?

By blending the Latin words for “earth” (“terra”) and sparkle or shine (“mica”), TerraMica, to us, means “to make the earth and its people shine.”(pronounced like terahmēkah) The name is a nod to the Biblical creation story in Genesis. Our guiding principle is to honor God by caring for the earth and its inhabitants.

Why focus on farming families, specifically
coffee farmers?

Most of us are coffee lovers, right? But how often do we think of the farmers growing those coffee beans for us? After decades in the coffee industry, Ed felt led to make a positive change. Throughout his travels, Ed had the opportunity to visit coffee farms all around the world and saw how most coffee farmers lived below the poverty line.

During a service trip to Honduras, working with an organization caring for terminally ill children, his eyes were fully opened to just how difficult life was for these impoverished farming families, and he promised to make a difference. When he and his wife, Pam, decided to start TerraMica, there was no question their focus would be on coffee farming families. God placed a real passion for them in their hearts and TerraMica has been serving these families ever since!

What did the original logo look like?

Youll see our logo across our social media and materials, so we want you to know why its a little different than what you see now. Our new logo continues with the concept of the farmers hand and his crop, but our new colors are earthier representing the farmer and the land better, it incorporates the coffee cherries with the plant, and we like the circular design of the plant because it symbolizes the globe!It all goes back to what our original premise was: to honor God by serving the earth and its people, to make them shine!

What‘s next for TerraMica?

TerraMica will continue to expand, adapt, and serve impoverished farming families globally. We currently work in Honduras and Sao Tome e Principe, with plans to expand into southern Mexico, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, as well as other coffeefarming nations over the next five years. Join us in cultivating hope and changing the lives of one family and their community at a time.

FAQ about TerraMica

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We invite you to join our efforts in cultivating hope and creating sustainable change through localized programs that help families and communities, we would love to partner with you.

We are currently seeking donors and investors to support our further expansion into the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras) and Southern Mexico.

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