TerraMica works in coffeegrowing communities to create pathways for health, hope, and growth for families living in extreme poverty.

Coffee farmers are among the poorest people in the world. While they may not cross our minds as we drink our morning cup of coffee, the reality is that over 60% of the worlds coffee is grown by 12.5 million smallholder coffee farmers in developing nations. Most struggle to support themselves and their families, earning less than $1.50 per day, and are trapped in extreme poverty and vulnerable situations.
Breaking out of poverty seems nearly impossible, but there is a way out.

What We Do:

TerraMica provides families and their communities with our training, resources, and the support they need to thrive and create a sustainable future. When families establish safe and healthy homes, their dignity is enhanced and they have better opportunities and outcomes.

My Healthy Home, and My Healthy Community

Through our locallyled training and education programs, My Healthy Home, and My Healthy Community, we help families cultivate stable relationships, practices, and safer homes. Facilitated by our local staff, our programs combine education and construction to accomplish improved economic development, spiritual growth, and environmental sustainability.

Through our auditors, we verify the impact of our work, measuring improved health indicators, home appearance and functionality, healthier family relations, attitudes, and development.

For real change to happen, and to develop a sense of purpose and dignity in the broader community, we discovered that the entire home ecosystem needed to be healthy. You have to help people improve their household from the inside and out. Ed Apffel, Founder

Where we work:

TerraMica has worked in Honduras since 2015, focusing on the underreached region of Intibuca and the Lenca people.

With our innovative approach and strong leadership, we work closely with local authorities to implement the My Healthy Home program in Intibuca and other coffee regions of Honduras. This enables us to deepen our connection with local families and assess their needs while providing valuable leadership to the humanitarian community.

TerraMica has begun the foundational work to launch our My Healthy Home program in five communities of the small island country of Sao Tome e Principe off the coast of western Africa.

We are in the early stages of expansion into Southern Mexico and further expansion into the Northern Triangle (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras). Our longterm expansion plans include a number of additional countries in coffee growing regions globally.

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Where We Work

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We are currently seeking donors and investors to support our further expansion into the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras) and Southern Mexico.

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Individual and family initiatives

The My Healthy Home program includes training and support at the individual and family level on:

  • Managing water wisely
  • Maintaining a safe, healthy, hygienic and liveable home environment
  • Waste and sanitation management
  • Creating a system to manage a healthy home
  • Creating a welcoming environment in the home
  • Building healthy family relationships to thrive and grow together
  • Encouraging positive actions in the family
  • Planning for the future
Individual And Family Initiatives
Community Initiatives

Community initiatives

The My Healthy Community program includes holistic training and support for the wider community on:

  • Improving water and environmental management
  • Providing protection for vulnerable members
  • Promoting youth entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening leadership and organization

You can help!

We invite you to join our efforts in cultivating hope and creating sustainable change through localized programs that help families and communities, we would love to partner with you.

We are currently seeking donors and investors to support our further expansion into the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras) and Southern Mexico.

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