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How We Work:

TerraMica provides a pathway to greater physical, emotional, and spiritual health for families living in extreme poverty.

We accomplish this through equipping and training impoverished families how to change destructive generational behaviors that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. To reinforce this new behavior, we rebuild the physical home environment, dramatically changing it to a healthy and safe status.

While engaging in numerous projects and programs to improve quality of life in impoverished locales, we never forget that the most important thing we do is love the people we serve and share the hope of Christ.

TerraMica Programs: 

My Healthy Home Initiatives

My Healthy Home: our foundational program for impacting impoverished families. A thorough approach to a healthy household has a dramatic impact on the health, well-being, and productivity of a family. TerraMica’s “My Healthy Home” (“Mi Hogar Saludable”) program in Central America is focused on creating a home environment for families that improves both health and quality of life.

In addition to building household infrastructure (listed below), TerraMica provides a local facilitator-led health training program for farming families in coffee growing regions. This holistic training program focuses on changing attitudes and behaviors around personal, family, faith, and environmental health and well-being, including disease prevention strategies and management of household and community resources, leading to an improved outlook on life, and personal, family, and community transformation.

A verified “My Healthy Home” includes: Pila family water reservoir; drinking water filter; cement floor; finished walls; adequate roof; latrine/waste disposal; and, My Healthy Home family educational training

My Healthy Community: Building on “My Healthy Home,” individuals and families are trained and encouraged to step beyond the family, and to contribute to a safe, unified community, working together to accomplish a greater good for the community as a whole. Also, developing positive, healthy relationships with neighbors and community (i.e., working together on programs that will impact the entire community positively, not just the individual family unit).

Hope Initiatives

TerraMica is passionate about cultivating hope in the hearts of families and individuals living in Central America. While every project we do brings hope to impoverished families, our Hope Initiatives are projects that are often stand-alone efforts. These projects are developed in response to a legitimate need that comes to our attention where we administrate a specific program, with the intent of reinforcing hope in individuals, families, and communities. Hope Initiatives may include the following, and more: playgrounds, meals for schoolchildren, planting trees, medical and dental clinics, dental health programs for school children, and family gardens.

Faith Initiatives

Believing that every individual has God-breathed value, we work to cultivate hope in eternity, in relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by working closely with local churches in regions where we work, to support their efforts and to empower these churches with the tools to reach out to families in the regions where we work to develop meaningful relationships with God and their neighbors. In addition, our faith is woven in and through every project we do.


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