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500,000 meals to fight hunger!

one-meal food packing events

Impoverished farming families living in Honduras struggle for survival, and 30% of them are battling chronic malnutrition. Our goal is to provide 500,000 meals to these malnourished families in 2019! TerraMica is spearheading a program to provide meals through food packing events here in the U.S. These events engage groups to work together in a meaningful hands-on, team-building experience that impacts the lives of people in need.

The nutrient rich OneMeal recipe is designed to reverse the starvation process and its effects. Partner with TerraMica in the OneMeal program to raise funds, to gather volunteers to pack meals, and to provide a place for the packing event. The packaged meals are then shipped and distributed to needy families throughout Honduras, managed by TerraMica.


HOST A FOOD PACKING EVENT! Organizations such as businesses, churches, schools, and civic or neighborhood groups host a food packing event at their location or warehouse. Your group or organization raises funds for the meals and arranges for volunteers to come together and pack meals assembly line style in a unifying and fun high-energy event.

How a packing event works: Your event can last 2 hours or two days. We administrate the day of the event for you! Volunteers can pack in shifts or all at once, depending on number of volunteers and number of meals your group wants to pack. To host an event, EMAIL US via button below for details!

You can use this info to estimate the length of your event based on number of volunteers or meals: 1) 10-12 volunteers = 1 packing line; 2) 1 packing line = 2,000 meals per hour; 3) average of 200 meals per volunteer per hour.




the need for water

In Central America, approximately 420,000 small plot coffee farming families do not have access to clean water. Many walk to polluted water sources and store the family water supply in metal barrels or plastic buckets. Enteric disease from contaminated food and water is the number one cause of death for children under the age of five. Poor health resulting from lack of water intake and/or consumption of contaminated water leads to lack of productivity on family farms and therefore, less economic stability.

the program

TerraMica provides impoverished farming families with access to clean water storage. A pila water reservoir is cement storage unit holding 5-7 days of water for the average family, critically important in the dry season, includes running water/faucet, and a work station. In addition to building pilas, we provide families with Sawyer water filters, and our technicians train families in the importance of clean water and sanitation.

A four-family pila package costs $1,100.00 and has a significant impact on the health and well-being of farming families.

PARTNER WITH US TO FUND THIS CRITICAL PROGRAM - there are two ways you can help!

DONATE (corporations, foundations, and private donors) to fund the further development and implementation of this project through your tax-deductible financial donations!

HOST A FUNDRAISING EVENT! Gather your friends, small group, or organization to raise funds to provide water for families! All donations are tax deductible, and will be directed to this water project. Email us via button below for more info.




Why playgrounds?

Play is crucial to a child’s emotional, physical, social, and creative growth. A playground creates an atmosphere of fun, and an opportunity for healthy physical activity, of course ... but it also becomes a community gathering center, a place where families connect, and build relationships. It contributes to developing a healthy, thriving community by strengthening community ties and cultivating hope. In addition, playgrounds create the opportunity to engage children into the KIDStory youth mentoring program, administrated by local churches. As part of our Hope Initiatives, playgrounds are about supporting families and communities in the regions we serve.

Altogether, this is a holistic approach to physical health, social health, and spiritual health … with the face of a playground!

In 2019, TerraMica will build 2 playgrounds in communities at risk, both aimed at healthy alternatives to gang activity and cultivating hope in families and communities:

Siguatepeque, Honduras - June 22 - July1 (Team 1) and June 25 - June 30 (Team 2)

We will install a large playground, build a basketball court, and plant trees. Local community leadership is actively involved in supporting this project, will be working alongside our teams, and will manage the park upon completion. Children’s mentoring programs will be launched and led by three local churches from this site. Funds required for this project: $14,000

Join us on this trip! Help raise funds for this project by making a donation, or hosting a fundraising event. Questions? Email us via the button below.

San Salvador, El Salvador - Dates to Be Determined

Gang influence in Sal Salvador is violent and devastating to children and families. There are two amazing pastors who, along with their families, are working hard in a gang filled neighborhood of San Salvador to stop the influence of gangs, to rescue abandoned children, and to give them a better life.  To support their efforts, TerraMica is building a playground in their community which they will oversee. This park will become a place for children to laugh and play, a place of outreach to families, and to children at risk. This playground and the associated ministry will have a tremendous impact on the lives of children and families. Funds required for this project: $20,000

Check out our CrowdRise funding site - donate and help us spread the word by forwarding to your friends and family!

Or DONATE directly to TerraMica for this project.

If want to volunteer for a playground trip, contact us below or complete a VOLUNTEER FORM