WORDS Matter


It’s a simple thing really - you stumble upon a word in your reading and you need to look it up… or a dear friend shared a concern and you know that you just read something about how to address it … or you’re in need of a good laugh and remember that one of your favorite authors wrote a hilarious story about an experience she had. So you simply get up, walk over to the collection of books in your home and start looking … OH WAIT - you don’t have any books in your home…

A collection of books - that’s a luxury - and right now you are simply trying to figure out how to pay for your son’s school uniform that is mandatory to attend public school. As a mom in the rural towns of Mexico, a collection of books, even ONE book, is a very rare commodity.

We want to change that!

We have been involved with the peoples of Oaxaca for about 10 years now and we love them! We get to interact with them on our trips from the mountainous regions in the Sierra Mixe to the coastal regions of Huatulco, where we serve, laugh, and share meals with them.

A very special time is when the Montero family hosts La Gran Fiesta in the Isthmus during the month of November. It is literally what the title says - A Grand Party!  It is a gathering of God-loving peoples, often from rural parts of Oaxaca, who come together for celebration, edification, and education - and TerraMica gets to be a part of it!

This year as we were praying about how to help, it became evident to us that easy access to resources that could help women successfully navigate the tough situations in their lives. So we decided to give those resources - to give a packet of books!

Our desire is that we begin to help develop home libraries where answers can be found in the words of learned men and women who have walked the same roads as these women are walking through and to be encouraged.

Words are powerful - they can draw any emotion from a reader, from anger to awe, they can be life-giving and hope-restoring.

We will be a part of this vision: WORDS - GOOD WORDS - will line the mountain roads and the coastal paths and make a positive impact in the lives of the peoples we deeply love in Oaxaca!

by Stephanie Aguirre

With a passion for ministering to women in Oxacaca, Mexico, Stephanie Aguirre led the TerraMica team efforts to procure and gift packets of books to women in attendance at La Gran Fiesta in November. As Stephanie spoke to these women and shared what our heart for them is, other team members passed out books to the women in attendance - books that address building up of marriage relationships, dealing with difficult circumstances, tragedy, abuse, and heartbreak, all addressed from a Biblical perspective. Hope for healing and growing is always exists in God ~ and TerraMica wants to provide resources and tools to these women to live in that hope. We trust that you enjoyed hearing from Stephanie about this ministry to the women of Oaxaca!