Water is Life

"Water is life, and clean water means health." -- Audrey Hepburn

True words ... water is life. The average adult human body is 65% water. Water is more critical than food for survival. Yet, billions of people in this beautiful world of ours do not have access to the single most important asset they need for health and well being ... clean water.

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Here in America we enjoy clean water everywhere we go, from our kitchen faucet to drinking fountains. We've even become very particular about our water - is it from Artesian springs? From a mountain? Bottled? Bottled in glass?  It seems a little trivial when you consider how many people haul water from a dirty stream in a bucket to their home, or pump water from a muddy mountain spring using gravity. They use the same water to wash their clothes, wash their dishes, prepare food, and wash their hands after using the latrine ... because they maybe only have that one bucket for the day.

"More than a billion people lack adequate access to clean water."

-- David Suzuki

The single most important health asset in the world is clean water!

TerraMicais committed to providing clean water for children and families wherever we can. Our current clean water project is in a remote region of Honduras, where we're working closing with community leaders and government officials to bring clean water systems to 80 families.  Engineers in Orange County and San Diego County are volunteering their time and skills to develop plans for a water system that will not only provide clean water, but help families to avoid cross contamination of their water. Please take a minute to watch this video:


YOU can help impact lives! We're looking for 80 individuals or families to "adopt" one of 80 families in this region in Honduras by donating the funds for a clean water system.It's our "80 for 80" project, and we invite you to partner with us in providing a clean water system for a family. We will send you a profile of the family you've provided for, and keep you up to date on their progress. You may even have the opportunity to join us on a service trip to Honduras to help install the systems! Time is of the essence - the community leaders would like to have this project completed by the end of March!

Please join us - donate the funds for one (or more!) clean water system(s) for a family. There is no greater impact on the health of children and families than access to clean water ... and you can be part of giving an incredible gift!

"I couldn't imagine not having clean water." -- Chris Tucker

Together, let's impact lives by supporting health ... starting in a remote region of Honduras. Let's make an impact on this world! Give the gift of clean water today.

-- by Pam Apffel, TerraMica