Lenses and Light

While walking with my wife through a shopping mall, we passed a store front that had hundreds of lenses and eyeglass frames on display. I laughed because it was a great visual example of how each one of us views the world and those within our sphere of influence.

For me, visual observation is a curse and a blessing: if it moves, makes a sound, or is wearing a color … I see it.

Part of this is my natural wiring and another facet comes from past education and training. It’s a constant stream of visual information and awareness, and learning how to constructively file or delete this never-ending flow of data has taken me decades to discipline my mind, and more importantly, my heart to do.

If we are honest with ourselves, we’d acknowledge that each of us looks at one another and the world through certain self prescribed lenses. Those lenses are partially created from outside influences. What each of us knows intimately about life is that it delivers both positive and negative, constructive and destructive engagements … it is impossible to avoid. Those influences or engagements then interact with our emotions and begin to form the lens we view our world through.

And for me, this is where the end game comes into play. Is it possible for me to show others that there is a clearer lens with which to see life through, despite the positive or negative engagements we all encounter along the way?

I say yes, unequivocally, yes … there is!

man in sunglasses, light and shadow.jpg

The relationship between optics and physics is reliant on light … the truer the light, the clearer the view. And we know, the clearer the optics, the more effective the engagement - or in other words, how truth reveals itself.

We all know this physical life is finite and there is an end to it, yet there is the unknown, those things that could be infinite and immeasurable! This next step requires a faith in those things that are not seen, and over my 62 years of life, I can personally attest that this “faith” has been tested and stretched over my lifetime RIGOROUSLY. It has revealed a truer picture and thus provided me the environment for transformational change in behavior and how I now outwardly view and respond to life.

This lens that I am talking about is the lens that God Himself views the world through. He describes Himself as The Light. He views us through His Light in this manner … “I knew you before the world was formed. I loved you so much that I sent my Son to show you who I AM. I loved you so much that I sent Him, My Son, not to condemn or judge you, but that you would be introduced through Him back to Me.” This step of faith to see the world as God sees the world is the beginning of a whole new very real life, one that is set apart from the dimly lit life I once used to view the world through.

This is the lens I choose to view you through! It was when I was able to discipline my heart to see you as God sees you, that I realized it is not my responsibility to judge or condemn. God wants your life transformed through His light and His Truth by your own choosing, not mine.

So, I choose His lens … it far “out sees” anything I could see anyway!