Working Together

Not me, not you, just us! After a long flight, my friend Andrew Gwin and I arrived in Honduras for a short trip to support rural poor coffee farmers by joining TerraMica in building "pilas" (water reservoirs). Exhausted but excited, our small team had much to accomplish ... I admit, I felt a bit of pressure to get the most done with the amount of time allotted to us!

We arrived later in the evening so most of the first day was spent traveling and planning the next few days itinerary as we drove from the airport to our hotel with Jorge Sosa, TerraMica's Honduras Country Manager.

How much could we possibly do with just the three of us?

As it turned out, my thoughts and worries were based on my limited view of what I felt we could get done, and not the expanded view of what God was, is, and would be doing during this trip!

What I couldn't see was how many people were working with us to make the biggest impact on this "pila project!" The funny thing is, most of them were not physically on this trip with us!

As we were preparing to build the first pila, I started to put together a mental list of what was needed for success. Then it hit me. This is an amazing coordinated effort that is truly God-ordained!

How is it that TerraMica is so connected to this region that organizations in need come seeking TerraMica's advice? How is it that Jorge Sosa is the perfect fit for TerraMica to help coordinate projects by using his amazing skills along with his passion to help others? How is it that God has placed on people's hearts to financially & prayerfully support TerraMica's vision in this region and other regions around the world? How is it that a close friend of TerraMica is an awesome movie set designer & builder, Bob Blackburn, who used his skills to design and build the perfect pila template to help make this project so much easier? How is it that the local community in the Lenca area are so unselfish in their selecting what family gets the next pila? How is it that the heads of the local government show up during our building of each pila and don't hesitate in getting dirty by mixing cement, even while wearing their best clothes? How is it that ALL this comes together and I get to be blessed by doing my small part?

The only answer that I can come up with is that God is orchestrating some cool projects through TerraMica!

It was the most incredible experience that investing a few days of work brought such joy to people in need, and is impacting their day to day lives in powerful ways! I can honestly say that I felt as blessed as the grateful and wonderful farming families we built the pilas for.

My main take away from this trip (besides being overly blessed) was that it's not what you do, it's not what I do, and it's not even what TerraMica does ... it's about what we do together that makes the biggest impact! Yes, it's not just the people who travel and serve, it's those that donate, it's the ones who pray, it's what God accomplishes through us as we work together. That's how we make a difference - together. Join the team, and be a blessing to people in need!

Not me, not you, just us! Working together! By Ed Orem, TerraMica Volunteer

(green water tank pictured at top feeds water to the pilas that are built)