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Welcome to TerraMica

Who We Are

TerraMica works to stabilize vulnerable communities in Central America, to cultivate hope for a viable future, and create a better local life through impactful projects. We are a humanitarian aid organization that executes community development work with the goal of creating a sustainable future for impoverished families.

MISSION:  to stabilize vulnerable communities, to cultivate hope, and to create a better local life through impactful projects: My Healthy Home Initiatives, Hope Initiatives, and Faith Initiatives

VISION:  to develop stronger family relationships, and to empower people to become healthier physically, spiritually, and environmentally


Our Focus

We’re focused on caring for people! Empowering them to become good stewards of their resources, skills, and abilities and to understand that with a helping hand they can improve the quality of their life, the lives of their family, and become a productive and giving member of their community. Our development work encompasses the goal of creating hope in their homeland, and hope in eternity.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian aid organization … and our heart is always about caring for the people, not just completing the projects. We believe in living out our faith by loving our global neighbors in tangible ways. Join us in making a difference!


“Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.”

Mother Teresa

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Core Beliefs

Our projects and programs accomplish important goals, but their ultimate purpose is to cultivate hope in the heart of those we serve. Every life has God-breathed value, and all that we do reflects that value. TerraMica's work develops an environment where physical, spiritual, and economic needs are met so that lives are changed for the better. Our Core Beliefs:

  • RELATIONSHIPS - developing holistic, healthy relationships with God, family, community, and the environment
  • HOPE - cultivating hope for a better, sustainable future in their homeland and cultivating hope in God to meet their spiritual needs
  • EMPOWERMENT - training and empowering people to lead themselves and their communities in growth, development, and compassion
  • COMMUNITY - working with community leaders to guide and encourage people to work together in their local neighborhoods to accomplish community goals
  • ENGAGEMENT - motivating individuals and the church into action, to step out and serve both in their home communities and globally, actively loving our neighbors

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